Boo Pachad Panichgul

About me

My name  is Boo Pachad Panichgul, I am a student at Amnuaysilpa school in Bangkok. I am currently sixteen years old and have an interest in painting and art. I am currently taking the IGCSE courses for art and design technology systems and contorol. When I was young I lived in the country Denmark for four years where I went to an international school in Copenhagen, this has caused me to be fluent in the English language as wwell as Thai which was my first language. 

Other skills

    • proficient in the English language
    • able to work efficiently under pressure
    • skilled in fine arts
    • able to be friendly and humble
    • able to work as a team with other people


Additional information

                             Date of birth :  12 December 2006

                                            Age : 16

                                 Nationality : Thai

                                        Height : 160 cm

                                        Weight : 52 kg

    • Current school : Amnuaysilpa school
    • City : Bangkok
    • IGCSEs : art, design and technology systems and control
    • School Curriculum : Billingual


    • Phone : 099-258-7111
    • skilled in fine arts

Interests and activities

    • Art/ painting
    • Exercise
    • Team activities

work experience

    • None ( professionally )


    • Mutiple school group projects


to learn about website design for future use in either jobs or education. For example designing a website for a company or designing a website as part of a school project. As the internet is being used more and more in present times I feel graphic design such as this will be an extremely important job in the future, hence why i currently want to better my skills in this area as preparation for the future.



My skills
reading 90%
writing 90%